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Efficiency Through Simplicity

The design-build approach offers busy clients the simplicity of a hands-off approach. Whether clients are busy running a business or simply prefer to delegate details to a trusted team, Koehn Construction recommends the cost-saving efficiencies of design-build construction. The Koehn team communicates directly with clients, architects and subcontractors, taking responsibility for aligning everyone’s goals and finding the best value for every detail.


Success in Every Detail

Clients trust Koehn Construction to ask the questions others overlook, to anticipate needs before they arise, to build relationships that last. Operating from detailed conceptual drawings, the Koehn Construction team will develop a realistic scope of work to limit surprises during the building process. Our trusted pre-planning approach supports shorter construction periods and lower overall costs.


Reliable Savings

The Koehn Construction team takes pride in our ability to do the right thing at the right time. By breaking the construction process down into pieces that are measurable and achievable, Koehn Construction keeps meticulous track of budgets and timelines. Maintaining open communication, planning proactively and setting realistic goals, we have built our reputation on our ability to meet and exceed clients’ expectations.


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