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Commercial Construction Expertise

At Koehn Construction Services, we specialize in commercial building solutions. Our team is a trusted partner, whether clients need a commercial contractor or a full-service, design-build consultant. We support peace of mind by offering flexible, professional services customized to each job’s requirements.

Designed for Peace of Mind

We are detail-driven and committed to pre-planning every project. We promise to do the right thing at the right time to keep your project moving smoothly. Proactive strategies save time and money, so your resources go toward the best in commercial buildings.

Koehn Construction contributes the major structures for commercial projects, from concrete work and metal building erection, to finish items and restroom accessories. The majority of Koehn Construction’s projects are design-build construction, involving pre-engineered metal buildings.

Trust the Koehn Construction team for strategies that will make your ideal building a reality.

Construction Solutions at Any Scale

Industrial clients require special consideration for a variety of factors. Considering ongoing production, prioritizing energy efficiency and meeting specific code requirements, Koehn Construction is committed to keeping business moving, at any scale.


Planning Makes Perfect

Koehn Construction offers our clients meticulous pre-planning, realistic project goals and open communication between teams. Prioritizing functionality and value for every project, the Koehn Construction team is prepared to address the specific infrastructural and operational needs of an industrial build. Whether supporting a facility upgrade or remodel, or building a new facility to satisfy the latest industry standards and maximize efficiency, trust the Koehn Construction team to anticipate and meet every need.

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