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About Us

Building Trust

Koehn Delivers Peace of Mind

The Koehn Construction goal is simple: to meet or exceed the expectations of every client, on every job, in every detail. Since 2003, founder and CEO Lyle Koehn has led a team that shares his vision of excellence. Because Koehn operates with complete transparency and a long-term view of every relationship, satisfied repeat customers make up the majority of the company's workload.


Involving clients directly in the process allows Koehn to build trust through transparency. On projects large and small, from estimation practices to on-site construction management, Koehn Construction stands behind a promise to do the right thing at the right time.

In Our Clients’ Words

“They asked questions others weren’t asking, and you could tell they were in it not to make more money, but to make sure the project was done right.” - Sam Seeley, Director for Planning, Zoning and Flood Plain Management - Lyon County Anderson Building

“They treated our project like it was their own, we had full trust in them" - Larry Felts, Board Member - Liberty United Methodist Church.

“If I was to do it all over again, I’d do it just the same.” Miles Blair, Owner - The Arrow Shop


Koehn offers commercial construction solutions customers can rely on, but the company's reputation is built on more than structural expertise. Koehn clients trust the company to ask the questions others overlook, to anticipate needs before they arise, and to build relationships that last. Koehn Construction hires reliable, trustworthy workers with exceptional knowledge and the highest standards of professionalism.

In Our Clients’ Words

“My sub-contractor said ‘I’ve worked in a lot of buildings by lots of companies and I’ve never seen anything like this.’” - Joe Caughlin, Farm Manager - River Roads Farm

“Our company is a lot like them: detail oriented, customer oriented, customer satisfaction is our number one goal.” - Josh Fairchild, Executive VP of Operations - Pinnacle Structures


Community Builders

Lyle Koehn, founder and CEO of Koehn Construction Services, is a Kansas native and construction entrepreneur. Born and raised on a family farm near Fredonia, Kansas, Lyle leads with a personal understanding of hard work and collaboration.

The Koehn Construction team is proud to be a trusted local builder across Southeast Kansas and the surrounding areas. Under Lyle’s leadership, the Koehn team has helped clients design new facilities, remodel historic structures, and improve the functionality of existing spaces. Koehn is dedicated to offering strategic, cost-effective construction solutions to clients in the communities that make this region strong.

In Our Clients’ Words

“They were as much a part of this community at this time as anyone who lived here. They really took ownership.” - Sam Seeley, Director for Planning, Zoning and Flood Plain Management - Lyon County Anderson Building

“It was the neatest thing, to see a project that big, involving the opinions of so many people, involving that many dollars, and there’s no one I would say is unhappy.” - Larry Felts, Board Member - Liberty United Methodist Church

“Koehn came with great recommendation from the city foreman. I asked him, ‘If you could pick somebody, who would you pick?’” Chip Newell, Director of Infrastructure - Orizon Aerostructures


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