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Concrete Paving

Get paving that lasts from a committed team that’s in it for the long haul.

Pour one out
(a concrete pavement, that is).

There’s nothing like a smoothly poured concrete floor, pavement, slab, lot, sidewalk, or curb. And with Koehn Construction on the job, you’ll get flawless concrete paving from subgrade to finish.

We offer commercial concrete paving as part of our design-build and design-bid-build projects, but we’ll also lend a trowel as a subcontractor. We know what is expected since we GC jobs ourselves. 

In our relationships and our concrete pavements, we build to last.

We Handle Our Own Schedule

We hate project delays as much as you do, which is one of the many reasons we don’t let subcontractors dictate scheduling.

Great Quality, Every Time

We keep the big picture in mind on every earthwork or prep project we tackle.

Eliminating Unnecessary Expenses

One of the main reasons we self-perform is to save you money in the long run.

Featured Project


42000 sq.ft.




Renovation of existing structure; new construction

Cobalt Boats

Koehn Cobalt Boats Steel Erection | Concrete Paving

Construction Type: Pre-engineered metal building

To meet an increase in demand, Cobalt Boats needed to expand and renovate while continuing operations. Chad Tillery, process engineering manager, says working with Koehn was smooth sailing.

With production a priority, Koehn crews worked nights and weekends to complete demolition, install 20,000 square feet of outdoor concrete, and renovate and expand the lamination shop and cruiser building by 42,000 square feet. Now, Koehn is a key part of the Cobalt crew, winning new work through proven performance, safety protocols, and consistent communication.

We do our best to take care of our customers. Every time we work, we strive for consistency.
Joel Schaper
Koehn Job Supervisor

Other Projects


32275 sq. ft.

Implementation: New construction

Construction Type: Pre-engineered metal building


15000 sq. ft.

Implementation: Renovation of existing structure; new construction

Construction Type: Pre-engineered metal building; conventional construction


18500 sq. ft.

Implementation: In collaboration with Architect One, Topeka, Kan.

Construction Type: Hybrid: Conventional construction and pre-engineered metal building