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Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR)

Risky business? Not anymore! Trust us to complete your project efficiently and cost-effectively.

We have skin in the game.

As a leading construction firm, we are proud to offer Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) services to ensure our client’s projects are completed well, on time, and on budget.

What is Construction Manager at Risk?

CMAR is a specific type of construction project delivery method. It involves choosing a construction manager to act in your best interest and oversee the project with the goal of ensuring it’s completed under the guaranteed maximum price that is given during the bid phase.

Cost-Effective Delivery

All decisions are made with the guaranteed maximum price (GMP) in mind to ensure your project is completed in the most cost-effective manner possible.

On-Time Completion

We hate project delays as much as you do. Our construction manager will ensure your project is completed with as little delay as possible.

On Your Side, Always

Construction Management at Risk guarantees you have a representative on the ground ensuring your needs are being met at all times.

Featured Project


18500 sq.ft.




In collaboration with Architect One, Topeka, Kan.

Trident Aquatics

Koehn Trident 01 | Construction Management

Construction Type: Hybrid: Conventional construction and pre-engineered metal building

Special Features: Interior - Two pools with a combined 220,000-gallon capacity; custom-treated steel beams; custom building coatings and surface treatments; high-capacity dehumidifying HVAC system | Exterior - Exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS), masonry, architectural metal panels

The young athletes of Trident Aquatics, a sanctioned USA Swimming team, needed a state-of-the-art training facility that could double as a community aquatics center for the region. When it was time for Sean Callan, founder and coach, to make the new business a reality, he called on Koehn Construction to deliver the right solutions.

Creativity and collaboration drove the project. Callan and Koehn, partners on previous builds, brainstormed on ideas, leveraging Koehn’s experience with out-of-the-ordinary assignments to create a solid plan. And by collaborating with Cassandra Taylor of Architect One, Koehn was able to deliver a cost-effective solution for the building.

Koehn wasn’t afraid to do the research, and by the time we began construction, they knew everything about the building and what was required.
Sean Callan
Founder/Coach, Trident Aquatics

Design-Build Projects


42000 sq. ft.

Implementation: Renovation of existing structure; new construction

Construction Type: Pre-engineered metal building


6731 sq. ft.

Implementation: Renovation of existing structure; new construction

Construction Type: Pre-engineered metal building (Sanctuary); conventional structural steel (Tie-in); wood construction (Fellowship hall)


9100 sq. ft.

Implementation: New Construction

Construction Type: Pre-engineered metal building