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Industrial builds are all about function and value. But that doesn’t mean they’re simple. There’s ongoing production to consider, efficiency standards, and of course, code requirements.

All of that really gets our gears turning.

Koehn Construction is your trusted industrial construction partner, whether you need us in the role of contractor, GC, or construction manager. We’re ready, willing and able to take on the specific infrastructure and operational needs of your new facility or upgrade.

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Our flexible and integrated process keeps your business moving, at any scale.

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Meticulous pre-planning, realistic project goals and open communication keep your project on track and in scope.

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Proactive strategies save time and money, so your resources go toward the best in industrial buildings.

Featured Project


175010 sq.ft.




Renovation of existing structure; new construction

Orizon Aerostructures

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Construction Type: Pre-engineered metal building

Special Features: 1,000-sq-foot steel mezzanine; 11,640-sq-foot concrete pit for part dipping; four 40-foot-long paint booths, with 80 feet of curing ovens each; penetrant inspection area; on-site process-water treatment plant; loading docks; 900-sq-foot laboratory; 6,772 sq. feet finished offices; signature architectural foyer design; special Exterior Insulation Finishing System (EIFS).

Orizon Aerostructures required renovations to a 72,250 square-foot complex-subassembly facility and 102,760 square feet of new construction for a processing facility.

To have the two facilities fully functional for spring production timelines, Koehn took a proactive approach. Koehn’s plans accounted for tight deadlines, extensive overtime and unpredictable weather conditions. Solutions included pre-engineered metal buildings, spaces for parts production and inspection, a full on-site water treatment plant and signature architectural finishes. Throughout the build, Koehn Construction offered strategic pre-planning to deliver project efficiencies on an industrial scale.

Koehn Construction came with a great recommendation from the city foreman. I asked, ‘If you could pick anybody, who would you pick?’ He said, ‘Koehn.’
Chip Newell
Director of Infrastructure, Orizon Aerostructures

Industrial Projects


175010 sq. ft.

Implementation: Renovation of existing structure; new construction

Construction Type: Pre-engineered metal building


42000 sq. ft.

Implementation: Renovation of existing structure; new construction

Construction Type: Pre-engineered metal building