River Road Farms

Tonkawa, OK


32275 sq.ft.




New construction

Construction Type: Pre-engineered metal building

Special Features: Interior - In-floor truck service pit | Exterior - 48-foot-wide hydraulic door

Koehn Construction offered agricultural construction solutions to provide additional equipment storage and seed treatment facilities for River Road Farms.

Koehn’s largest farm project to date, River Road Farms required extensive site preparation and unique finishing details. The project included two pre-engineered metal buildings, three grain storage bins and the foundation for eight Meridian bulk seed tanks. Start to finish, Koehn leveraged commercial construction knowledge in economical ways for this agricultural application.

Koehn provided a detailed bid so we could see how it would look if we scaled back, how much we would spend or save. They worked with us to make sure we had confidence in the process. Knowing they had the expertise helped me trust them with this huge investment.
Joe Caughlin
Farm Manager, River Road Farms

Scaling commercial-construction expertise for an agricultural build, Koehn Construction ensured River Road Farms had confidence in their investment.

Early in project preparations, the Koehn team identified the need to elevate River Road Farms’ proposed building site above the flood plain. Moving 14,000 cubic yards of material, Koehn worked with subcontractors and farm manager Joe Caughlin to prepare a reliable building site. After conditioning and testing the pad, Koehn constructed two pre-engineered metal buildings: 30,000 square feet for equipment storage and 2,275 square feet for seed treatment.

Koehn incorporated design solutions specific to each space, including an in-floor truck service pit and a 48-foot-wide hydraulic door. Handling everything from detailed project quotes, site preparation and foundation work, to custom doors and lighting solutions, Koehn Construction offered careful solutions to support the legacy of River Road Farms.

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