Orizon Aerostructures

Chanute, KS


175010 sq.ft.




Renovation of existing structure; new construction

Construction Type: Pre-engineered metal building

Special Features: 1,000-sq-foot steel mezzanine; 11,640-sq-foot concrete pit for part dipping; four 40-foot-long paint booths, with 80 feet of curing ovens each; penetrant inspection area; on-site process-water treatment plant; loading docks; 900-sq-foot laboratory; 6,772 sq. feet finished offices; signature architectural foyer design; special Exterior Insulation Finishing System (EIFS).

Orizon Aerostructures required renovations to a 72,250 square-foot complex-subassembly facility and 102,760 square feet of new construction for a processing facility.

To have the two facilities fully functional for spring production timelines, Koehn took a proactive approach. Koehn’s plans accounted for tight deadlines, extensive overtime and unpredictable weather conditions. Solutions included pre-engineered metal buildings, spaces for parts production and inspection, a full on-site water treatment plant and signature architectural finishes. Throughout the build, Koehn Construction offered strategic pre-planning to deliver project efficiencies on an industrial scale.

Koehn Construction came with a great recommendation from the city foreman. I asked, ‘If you could pick anybody, who would you pick?’ He said, ‘Koehn.’
Chip Newell
Director of Infrastructure, Orizon Aerostructures

Orizon Aerostructures needed a full range of industrial construction solutions for their complex-aerostructure manufacturing facilities. Performing on an accelerated design schedule, Koehn served as a proactive advisor to keep production on track.

Relying on the flexibility of a design-build approach, Koehn headed the development of designs in tandem with the ongoing construction process. Major industrial applications included an 11,640-square-foot concrete pit for automated part dipping, four 40-foot industrial paint booths, 6,772 square feet of finished offices and restrooms, and a full on-site water treatment plant. Koehn overcame challenges like off-season concrete work and unpredictable weather conditions with careful preplanning. Satisfying specific project parameters on tight timelines, Koehn developed an exterior finish for the main foyer that has since become a trademark fixture for the company at two other regional locations.

Complex Project Management

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