Trident Aquatics

Owasso, OK


18500 sq.ft.




In collaboration with Architect One, Topeka, Kan.

Construction Type: Hybrid: Conventional construction and pre-engineered metal building

Special Features: Interior - Two pools with a combined 220,000-gallon capacity; custom-treated steel beams; custom building coatings and surface treatments; high-capacity dehumidifying HVAC system | Exterior - Exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS), masonry, architectural metal panels

The young athletes of Trident Aquatics, a sanctioned USA Swimming team, needed a state-of-the-art training facility that could double as a community aquatics center for the region. When it was time for Sean Callan, founder and coach, to make the new business a reality, he called on Koehn Construction to deliver the right solutions.

Creativity and collaboration drove the project. Callan and Koehn, partners on previous builds, brainstormed on ideas, leveraging Koehn’s experience with out-of-the-ordinary assignments to create a solid plan. And by collaborating with Cassandra Taylor of Architect One, Koehn was able to deliver a cost-effective solution for the building.

Koehn wasn’t afraid to do the research, and by the time we began construction, they knew everything about the building and what was required.
Sean Callan
Founder/Coach, Trident Aquatics

Koehn delivered an 18,500-square-foot building that encompassed the needs of the regional swimming community, capable of accommodating multiple customer bases simultaneously, and with spaces designed for multiple functions, including cross-training and community meeting rooms.

Building an aquatics center from the ground up meant accounting for the 220,000 gallons of water that are housed inside the completed building. Consideration of materials with an eye on longevity brought new challenges: steel beams required specialized prep and epoxy capable of withstanding high humidity; sourcing the right HVAC system was essential to air quality and customer health. Koehn fulfilled these needs efficiently and provided follow-up services after the completion of the build.

An Oklahoma Oasis

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